Inbound marketing is a set of marketing strategies and techniques focused on pulling relevant prospects and customers towards a business and its products. Inbound marketing is becoming widely accepted because it complements the way buyers make purchasing decisions today – using the internet and related media to learn about the products and services that best meet their needs. With inbound marketing it starts by taking the time to learn about your prospects, and developing content that addresses their needs and frustrations, providing solutions and answers.  It’s also about building relationships, engaging and nurturing those relationships. Inbound marketing contrasts with traditional outbound marketing, in which businesses push their messages at consumers. With techniques that include direct mail, telemarketing and trade shows, media adverts, outbound marketing has become less effective over time as buyers have behaviorally and technologically (e.g., spam filters, ‘do not-call’ lists) tuned these interruptive campaigns out. Inbound marketing is defined by five phases:

  1. Attract Traffic
  2. Convert visitors to leads
  3. Convert leads to sales
  4. Turn customers into repeat higher margin customers
  5. Analyze for continuous improvement

In subsequent posts, i will elaborate more on the five phases of Inbound Marketing and how you can apply them to promote your business in nigeria. Feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. by IK Rowland