When you’re managing a client’s public relations, digital media or marketing campaign, you usually work with a few main points of contact at the company.

Sometimes it’s not always that easy.

You know those clients who tend to pass off communicating with you like one of those wedding games you play to win the centerpiece? The person who usually wins the centerpiece doesn’t really want it, and the guest sitting two seats over is giving you the stink eye because you had the napkin in your hand when the music stopped.

That’s kind of like when the person you end up speaking with knows nothing about your account, and you look over to your cube mate and roll your eyes so hard you practically fall off of the chair.

Now, it’s time to get off of that chair, get on the altar and get that client to commit to one main contact. OK, maybe two contacts if that’s what you’re into.

Here’s how to snag a long term contact:

Put on the charm 

The nicer you are when you call your client, the more the person is going to enjoy talking with you. The more he or she enjoys it, the more likely it that person will answer the phone the next time you call. Imagine that!

Know your stuff 

Be prepared for the call. Know the information you need to relay to the client, know the questions you have and be ready to quickly give and get the information you need. If you keep it short and sweet it won’t be such an interruption to your contact’s day when you call.

Don’t cry wolf 

This one is a little tricky. Don’t call too often, but don’t call too little. You don’t want to call for every little thing. I wouldn’t answer the phone either. However, if there is something questionable that isn’t handled properly because you didn’t call there could be problems. Use your impeccable judgment and call only when necessary. Assess the situation for possible outcomes to determine the importance and whether or not a call is warranted.

Now that you’re ready to take the plunge down the phone line, I would like to leave you with one last piece of advice. A happy wife is a happy life. Or the customer is always right—whichever you prefer. No matter how many times you’re shuffled around, keep your cool and get the job done.

Christine Smith is the public relations specialist at Davanti Digital Media. Follow them on Twitter@DavantiDigital and Christine @Christineyou99

Culled from PR Daily