By Jerrywright Ugwu

If your employees aren’t having fun, they’re probably not performing at their highest level. Everyone is happier and more productive when they have fun together, and what some leaders don’t understand is that when people are not having fun, they’re tensed. As a result of this, they are incapable of being creative or making productive decisions.  So ease up already and try one of these tactics:


  • Celebrate success with dessert or other food. Most of us think eating together is fun! Not to mention the appeal of free food. LOL!
  • Use colour to brighten your office space. Paint is cheap—and cheery.
  • Put games in the break room or lunchroom. Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess e.t.c
  • Celebrate holidays with parties filled with games
  • Smile. When you, as the leader, are in a bad mood, everyone is in a bad mood. Be happy.
  • Invite your employees to dance and sing, and then create a video, such as the Oliver Twist competition on You Tube.
  • Hire a photographer to roam your office one day and make a slideshow of the resulting photos. Display it in your reception area, lunch or conference room.
  • Have silly dress-up days: Sports wears, Dirty jeans, traditional attires e.t.c
  • Bring your pet/kids/parents to work: Sounds weird right? But it’s definitely a good idea. It will create bonding among employees.

If your employee motivation is high and the staff feels in some way connected to the organization, it will automatically reflect in the passion and hard work that the employees put in the work. Office games are conducted by organizations today, not only for enjoyment, but also because they contribute a lot towards promoting teamwork.