Sour employee relationships can have negative effects on an organization’s productivity. If employees do not like each other but have learned to work together, then that kind of relationship is beneficial to the company. But if employees and managers begin to show a lack of respect for each other in the workplace, the results can be counter-productive to the entire company. For a healthy and beneficial relationship in the workplace, employees should among other things:

  1. Communicate Frequently and Professionally

Staff members who show a lack of respect for each other create breaks in company communication. Employees who do not respect each other will not find it necessary to exchange important information in an attempt to put each other behind on company updates. The problem is that this prevents information from getting to other employees and thus affects company-wide communication.

  1. Carry Other Staff Members Along with Work

People who do not respect each other do not give each other credit for the skills they possess. For example, an Account Executive working on a brief may decide to seek the input of a fellow account executive instead of an Account Manager. The result can be that the quality of work suffers and the reputation of the firm is badly damaged.

  1. Refrain From Spreading Rumours about others

People who do not respect each other can sometimes become spiteful and spread rumors that tend to grow out of proportion. False rumors can distract employees from their jobs, and they can also start to spread misinformation that can have a negative effect on employee morale. Employees can be put in a position of having to defend themselves to co-workers and management due to a rumour. The process of substantiating or disproving rumours becomes a drain on company resources.

Finally, it is important for employees to see their fellow staff members as what they really are – your Colleagues. Any further relationship behooves on both parties to handle it well. It’s not necessary to be friends but good and respectable conduct and relationship is for the company’s growth, sustenance and development.