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Using PR with Marketing

The differences between PR and marketing may seem blurred, yet each has its own part to play in organizational success. Us PR to support marketing activity and co-ordinate these two distinct disciplines for maximum impact.

Fitting PR into the marketing mix

Marketing involves developing the right product at the right price, getting it to a place where consumers can buy it, and promoting it so that they know about it. These components are known as the marketing mix, or the four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. PR is often seen as the fifth P of the mix, standing for Perception. Consumers prefer to do business with organizations they hold in high regard, and effective PR builds positive perceptions, creating a fertile environment for successful marketing.


For maximum impact, PR and marketing activity should be coordinated. When the marketing department advertises new products and services, reinforce the campaign by attracting favorable editorial coverage. Use your company’s website as a marketing tool as well as PR vehicle. Create ideas for journalists with press releases, background information, and press photographs for downloading. Combined PR and marketing campaigns can be worth far more than the sum of their individual parts.


Events Management: At Sesema, events are designed to meet each clients need and individual expectation. We strive to ensure our client’s desire and vision is carried out with our input and imprint to deliver well managed, aesthetically appealing, stylish events. We work with renowned vendors to achieve the best results. Some of these services include: Logistical requirements, Protocol management, Entertainment, Sounds and Visuals, Decor and design, etc

To us, an event is not just a gathering but an experience.  Contact us today:[email protected]; 0700SESEMAPR.

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