Celebrating 12 years in the business of Communications. Sesema PR Ltd turned 10, April 1, 2012. From its humble beginings as a small agency offering traditional PR services in Nigeria, the company now also serves Ghana, and offers IT & Digital and Market Research services.

In 2007 we became the Nigerian affiliate to Edelman, and in 2009 the agency was awarded the 'Best PR Practise' award by the school of MassCom at Lagos State University.

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Hashtag #Twitternship – any idea what that means?

We are doing it again at Sesema! Each year since 2007 we have sought to educate and empower a handful of people whether through a conference, seminar or internships at our offices. This year we are starting a #Twitternship, which is basically a one month internship that will be acquired via Twitter by one lucky...

10 ways to be a terrible intern

This column, however, isn’t about how to gain meaningful experience at an internship. It is meant for the careless type, who wishes to merely fulfill an internship credit and gain absolutely no professional experience. For that guy or gal, I offer these tips: 1. Ignore criticism and continue doing things your way. Why listen to professionals...