MY DIARY – Folashade Adehinle

Hello readers, it’s good to be on this section again.

It’s been 5 years since my ride began on the Sesema train. The journey has been great, progressive, innovative, challenging as well as demanding. I have had the opportunity to move from being a PA to the MD to attaining the height of Head, Administration Sesema PR. I am humbled by these achievements and I aspire to do more.

It might seem like a jolly ride but with every new role comes its own challenges.  Some of the challenges that come with my position can be heart-wrenching.  I have to make firm decisions and put all emotions aside as expected by management. My allegiance lies both with the employer and the employees.

In my role, I manage all resources which include people, finance, office supplies, environment, facility etc. With the employment of an Admin Assistant, I am able to delegate some tasks and therefore focus on others – which make the work easier.

With Sesema clocking ten recently, I feel fulfilled that I have contributed to the company in my own way thus far. Yes, there have been mistakes, some major and some pardonable but all in all; it has been a good learning experience.