Irene Isichei - PR Intern

I discovered Sesema PR while searching for a place for internship. Prior to that time, l had no knowledge of the organization or of what PR really was all about. Of course I did my research and found Sesema to be outstanding amongst her peers; the quality of the clientele and the vision of the agency endeared me towards it.

I applied for internship immediately and was called sometime later for my first interview. The interview was pleasantly relaxing -    I had walked into the agency with rather frayed nerves, unsure of what to expect. The HR manager, Shade, was however very accommodating. She told me to relax and was very calm and personable in the way she conducted the interview. I must say that it has been my favorite interview ever.

For the second interview I met the MD, Ms. Alima Atta, a thoroughbred professional who was also very friendly and accommodating I wasn’t too sure of what the outcome of the interviews would be, as I had never worked in PR and didn’t know if I had convinced  Ms Atta and Shade to give me a chance.

To say I was elated when I got the call that I had been offered an internship spot at Sesema would be a gross understatement.

Since resumption, I have been privileged to be part of various teams and I must say I have learnt a lot.

Currently, I am on the team that works on the HP account. So far it’s been fun, frenetic and fast paced; I’ve settled in quite nicely and I’m learning a lot really quick.

I will say that it has so far been a wonderful experience for me as I have had the rare opportunity to work with perhaps the best hands in the Nigerian PR industry.

Yes, I am still fresh in the game but I’m sure, in the long run, I will be a force to be reckoned with, all thanks to Sesema PR.