By Betty Abang  - PR Account Executive

“Hello, my name is Shade, I’m calling from Sesema Public Relations, and I would like to invite you for a chat tomorrow…….”, so the conversation went that fired my curiosity. Sesema Public Relations, I thought, reaching for the digital generation’s first recourse-my mobile phone of course, to Google the company.

It turned out that they had quite an impressive profile. 10 years is a long time, they must be getting something right, I said within myself. Oh! Edelman’s affiliate, what a double delight; I looked forward to the chat.

First day at Sesema PR, I was a bit shy but I quickly overcame my shyness.  If there is one attribute that anyone who will have an encounter with the SPR folks will get, it is the palpable camaraderie. Team spirit is on display, in truth and indeed. There is none of that underlying tension and competitive maneuvers. There is no reading between the lines, and search for undertones in people’s actions. It was totally liberating and essentially refreshing.

And on that note, I began the journey to what has been an eventful, eye-opening, learning experience. I wondered at the person of Alima Atta whom I had no knowledge of prior to joining. I looked forward to discovering the survival secrets of the only female CEO in the Public Relations landscape. Have I discovered this secret? It is still early to say yet. But one thing I can say is that she sure knows what she’s about in terms of systems, structure and execution.

What more can I say? From writing my first article for Custodian and Allied Insurance, to brainstorming for that unique strategy that will help Inmobi effectively engage relevant stakeholders; I have but one goal in front of me, and that is to become one of Africa’s foremost Public Relations expert. No doubt, Sesema PR provides a ready platform to launch this promising career.