Kola kayode - PR Account Manager

Dear Diary,

Hope you are good. I’m so happy to write you in a long time. This time, I have so much to say; even so much more. But let me quickly indulge you in how I got my new job and what has been happening to me since then.

As you know, I love my profession. I have always wanted to practice advertising & public relations. You are also familiar with some of the few agencies I’ve worked with. At a point, I needed something more than I was getting. Something more challenging. I knew I could get it. But I didn’t know how.

You remember I told you about one PR agency I used to run materials for in M2 newspaper sometimes around 2006. Yeah, am sure you remember; you hardly forget things. So, I approached them about getting to join their team. I filed in my applications and got considered for job probation of three months. I must tell you an open secret: I love the agency; the guys there are fantastic. Except that……………they are fun freak.  They party almost every week – birthdays, wedding anniversaries, obituaries, 41 days remembrance of someone’s great-grand father; and so many other ridiculous celebrations I won’t want to mention. But I understand why they are the way they are – I will tell you in person.

Aside the side attractions, they are a bunch of workaholics.

The new job is pretty demanding. My head is always working round the clock. But I find solace in the team I work with. I meet different people almost every week. And the joy of proffering solutions to clients’ briefs, is just more than enough. I have always had a dream of doing all I can anywhere I find myself. Even though I have goals, I leave things completely in the hand of God. He has always been directing my steps. So I don’t get unnecessarily worried even about necessary things.

So you should know! I have started growing fat; adding some substantial flesh. I’ll take some pictures and send to you. You’ll be amazed.

Oh no! My boss just buzzed me. She’s been on my neck for about half an hour, asking for one PR plan for one of our clients. So I have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon! And one more thing – I didn’t want to write you at this time. But I was coerced into doing so. So never mind if my thoughts are not coherent.