In every organization, there are employees who have come from different ethnic background, with different orientation and perceptions, therefore, conflict is inevitable.

It is rightly said that organizations are individual’s first home as one spends the maximum time there. Employees must treat their fellow workers as a part of one big family and must work together to achieve the goals of the organization.

Thought it is usually advised that conflicts must be avoided at the workplace to ensure that the employees give their best for maximum productivity, It is almost unavoidable to stay away from workplace conflicts because most of them arise from work related issues. But it is important to avoid workplace conflict so they don’t sprout into something that will cause controversy. Here are a few tips on how to avoid work place conflicts.

Complain less – The more you dwell on an issue that upset you and you keep talking about it, the more you get angry. It is better to move on after a major disagreement or any work related issue that you are not comfortable with, after expressing your reservations.

Don’t judge your colleagues – In this part of the world, we are quick to label people what they are not……even if we barely know them. It is important for you not to join the bandwagon in your office and label based on what you heard from others.

Don’t engage in unnecessary conversations - Avoid unhealthy conversations that are meant to run down other people, don’t revel in negative remarks that create bad blood in the office. Politely turn down colleagues who come running to you about other people’s actions or inactions.

Contribute to positive interactions – Don’t be left out in office interactions, always contribute positively in all general conversations so as not to be termed a snob. Interact with your co-workers on issues that interest them outside of work and always commend their efforts when they achieve something.

By Jerrywright Ugwu