By Irene Isichei

It’s just a few weeks to Christmas and it is the time to get inspired for that awe-inspiring festive décor! Get set to discover ideas for dressing up your Christmas tree, setting out decorations, painting the house and creating center pieces.

Today, we will focus on outdoor Christmas decoration.

Christmas Outdoor Décor: Holiday décor is not limited only to the interiors: decorating outdoors can also remind you and the neighbors of an upcoming holiday season ready to be celebrated.

Contrary to traditionally Nigerian and African beliefs, Christmas decorations do not start and end indoors - there are a lot of outdoor décor ideas, as practiced in some other parts of the world.

Outdoor décor is a sure way to bring the holiday spirit to the neighborhood; think garlands, wreaths, lights, Christmas stickers and much more.

To really get into the vibe of the festive season, here are some more Ideas and tips for outdoor décor it’s important to note some of the following tips:

Keep outdoor décor minimal and focus on the door way. This immediately catches the eye and creates a holiday mood around the house.

Christmas symbolic figurines and lightings will certainly make for an opulent Christmas décor.

Chose a color scheme and be consistent with the chosen color to achieve a complete and synchronized look.

Christmas wreaths come in traditional colors like green, while others come in non -traditional colors like white, gold and silver. These can be hung on doors. Some wreaths come with battery charged lights, adding that extra omph to the overall appearance and Christmas feel in your home.

Garlands can be used on door posts. Ensure you get long ones which can go round the door posts. Also, lights can be added in between the garlands.

The most important piece of décor, however, is the Christmas spirit; it’s important that you and your family key in to the essence of the festivities and share the season with others.