By Alima Atta

How do we get our names in print? There are several tools and I have taken time to describe them as simply as possible.

A press release is a write up usually of 1 – 2 pages of A4; it is time bound and announces news about your company or product.  It could be about new business, new staff, new offices, new products etc.

An article is a lengthy 3 – 4 page piece; an unbiased write-up that indirectly refers to your company or product and subtly compares it to others with the aim of giving you positive exposure or quotes you as spokesperson for your organization.  It should offer a 3rd party point of view.

An interview is a question and answer session between your client and a journalist aimed at getting in depth knowledge on your company and what you do.

A comment piece is a statement of your views about a topical issue – it could be in response to something you read in the papers.

A case study is a write up demonstrating how your product or service can be used.  It is normally told from the user of the product/service’s point of view.

An advertorial is a cross between an advert and pr.  It contains more information and is paid for.  Some companies would use this instead of a press release if they want to see their message unedited.

A letter to the editor is a useful tool to get your name out there and is a letter written addressing an issue you have read about.

All of these tools are used to get coverage which is the amount of space dedicated to you in the paper with the ultimate goal of getting people to know who you are.

I hope this has been useful!