It’s exactly a year and seven months since I joined Sesema PR and I already feel like a veteran. LOL! This feeling stems from the fact that we have had so many new faces since I joined, as Sesema thankfully keeps growing and expanding.

It’s been fun and fulfilling being here. Though I am an administrative assistant here, I got the new acronym ‘faci’ – a short form for Facility Manager - from my colleagues and I think I prefer it! *winks.*  With one eye on the PR department, I have continued to give my best to this company and fortunately for me, I have very supportive bosses in Shade, the Head, Administration, and Alima, the Managing Director.

My job description hasn’t really changed. I still do the regular book keeping, planning and scheduling, documentation and a bit of accounting work. The ‘crazy’ part of my job has to be dealing with various suppliers and artisans in different fields whose past time these days seem to be lies, shoddy jobs and general incompetence.

Sesema has witnessed so many positives in the last 19 months and I am grateful to be a part of everything. Firstly, it was our 10 years’ anniversary; then our CEO, Ms. Alima Atta featured in a BBC special programme tagged ‘40 most Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs in Africa.’  Furthermore, we have added to our clients’ portfolio with heavyweights like Guinness, Etihad Airways, Custodian & Allied Insurance and Broll Properties under our belts.

I look forward to coming to work every weekday because of the togetherness that exists here.  The team spirit is so strong and everyone looks out for each other. Each one has something tangible to offer and my interactions with everyone have been beneficial to my personal and career development.  Thank you guys!

I look forward to another 19months here and even more. Hopefully, my job description would have changed by the time I write my next diary.

Au revoir!!!

By Jerry Ukwu