By Jerrywright Ugwu

It is that time of the year again when the rains keep coming non-stop and the weather is extremely cold. Many of us don’t like this period because of the freezing air conditioners in our various offices coupled with the cold. Below are three different ways to stay warm in the office.

  • Sweaters, Snuggies, Shawls and Scarves: These are the options people will obviously go for at first. Wearing any of these is not actually a challenge but how to pull it off and still look great too.  Dressing warmly is really the main thing, though. There’s no point in looking stylish if you’re freezing. Keep a warm chunky knit car sweater at the office and ensure it is buttoned up with a puffy vest and turtle neck to keep off the cold chill is the way to go. Fingerless gloves and a scarf or shawl are also good. A scarf around your neck can make a surprisingly big difference to how warm you feel; and even if you have to look presentable or are moving around a lot, a nice scarf can look like part of an outfit rather than just OMG IT IS SO COLD.
  • Hot Tea/Coffee: Yes! A hot drink can really help. If you’re stuck in a cold office you might be better off getting a mug and filling it up with a hot drink and holding it in your hands. Okay, it’s not rocket science, but it works!
  • Moving around: Sometimes the only option is to get up and move around. You can go outside, but sometimes the shock of going from cold to hot or vice versa isn’t great on the immune system. Instead, get up and walk around the office or up and down the stairs in your office building. Not only will it warm you up, it will give you some time away from the computer screen and your office chair!

Ok! I know some people’s offices are like freezers, especially those who are in offices with central ACs and they would suggest I include a heater in my list. But common, this is Africa!!!!!