As PR practitioners we are hard pressed to get that one more piece of coverage for the client. But we know that not all companies have the luxury of churning out news by the dozen - for instance, small technology companies. After announcing that appointment, that new product/offering or quarter results (when necessary) and there is nothing left to say, what next do you do? A campaign is your best alternative. Identify a trend or cause that your organization can initiate, build on, and viola! You have a potential news-spinner. Is it that easy? Oh yes. One caveat though: the initiative has to have some relevance for your industry and your audience as well, and should be able to yield benefits for all the parties concerned. And remember: the more spectacular the idea, the greater your return on coverage. Armed with this information, there is no reason to push the panic button when you notice that you are gradually running out of news. Happy brainstorming!