Working in an organization makes you a stakeholder. So? Take ownership of the business.

Irrespective of the nature, size or type of organization you work for, it is very important you THINK and ACT like an “owner” if you want to progress in your career. You must “own” your job and own your roles and responsibilities. Always put yourself in the shoes of a business owner, and think and behave as any owner would do.

What would the owner do? What should you do?
• If there is anything a business owner would be particular about, it is the bottom line. A business owner is always conscious about minimizing costs. As an employee, look for wyas of ways of doing thing cheaper, always compare quotes, always negotiate. You can achieve all this even without compromising quality
• The owner of any organization would be willing to do anything to get results. For a business owner, no task is small. As an employee, delegate where possible, however, do the jb if no one else is available to. Take on the Nike slogan- Just Do It!!
• The business owner would always want to satisfy the clients by adding value and delivering beyond expectation. As an employee, go the extra mile to over deliver even if you have under promised.

There is always that saying like treat others the way you want to be treated so, handle your job the way you would want someone else to handle it if you were the business owner.