Public Relations

Media Relations, Crisis Management, Government Relations, ...

“Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”

- Abraham Lincoln

At Sesema Public Relations, reputation management and brand loyalty are our areas of specialisation. With our one team approach, we work with the clients end goal in mind. Who you think you are and who people think you are, are two very different aspects which as a PR agency we marry together to create the essence of a credible brand. Some of our practises include: Technology/Telecoms PR, Consumer PR, Reputation Management/Corporate PR, Investor Relations/Financial PR, Public Affairs/Lobbying, Crises and Issues Management amongst others.

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Research and Development

Media Intelligence, Monitoring, Market Research, ...

In today’s world where social media allows news to travel round the world in a matter of seconds, it is important that companies deliver on their promise, be aware of how consumers respond to them; and can give their target audiences what they want.

SPR’s Research and Department offers bespoke services to clients including media monitoring which provides independent & unbiased information on how the company is being perceived by the media & public at large, business intelligence that focuses on competitor & related industry analysis, trend analysis, Gap analysis, product segmentation which can give your organization a better understanding of your audiences and the markets.

IT/Digital Services

Digital Marketing, Website Development, Creative Design, ...

Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas
Donatella Versace.

At Sesema, we do not disagree with your ideas; our team will transform them into solutions you never imagined.

Our IT/Digital service provides you with interactive and responsive Website Design, Social Media Content Management, Online Marketing, Graphic Design and more. Our portfolio of customers acquired over the years speaks a bit about our competence. We offer end to end support for all your web related business. Our customer service and support gives you peace of mind and allows you focus on your business objectives.

Events Management

Corporate Events, Decor, Technical Management, ...

At Sesema, events are designed to meet each clients need and individual expectation. We strive to ensure our client’s desire and vision is carried out with our input and imprint to deliver well managed, aesthetically appealing, stylish events. We work with renowned vendors to achieve the best results. Some of these services include: Logistical requirements, Protocol management, Entertainment, Sounds and Visuals, Decor and design, etc