Our aim at Sesema Public Relations is to achieve the best results for our client, impacting the brand as well as the bottom line. We have extensive experience in creating memorable PR campaigns for emerging and established brands.

Our Practices include:

Reputation Management

Trust is a very important and increasingly hard to acquire especially in today’s business arena. Trust is the reputational asset that any company can use to operate, charge a premium or gain access to capital.

Who you think you are and who people think you are two very different aspects which we as a PR agency marry together to create the essence of a credible brand. Reputation management and brand loyalty are our areas of specialisation as we work with our clients end goal in mind.

IT/Digital Services

The world is moving at a fast pace thanks to the superhighway known as the net. Being online is critical to business now In a very short time we have worked with some of the world’s largest companies who understand the importance of using social media to reach and engage with a larger audience

Research & Development

SPR’s Market Research Department offers bespoke services to clients including media monitoring which provides independent & unbiased information on how the company is being perceived by the media & public at large, business intelligence that focuses on competitor & related industry analysis, trend analysis, Gap analysis, product segmentation which can give your organization a better understanding of your audiences and the markets.