By Jerrywright Ukwu

My job requires me moving around on a constant basis, and I am a regular visitor to offices in Lagos Island. A major feature of Lagos Island is the high-rise buildings occupied by multinational organizations. Virtually all these buildings have functional elevators that help people get to the various floors easily and quickly. One thing I find very frustrating during my visits to these offices is the way and manner some people conduct themselves in the elevators.

I have put down attitudes that people exhibit that I find irritating and how to correct them. Look through the list below; if you find any aspect that concerns you, kindly make amends when next you are in an elevator.

Hold the door: When you are in an elevator and you see someone rushing towards it, be nice, and hold the door for people. If you don’t know how to do it, read the signs on the panel.

Be courteous: Remember that you are not alone in an elevator, so try not to step on or shove others aside. Manage the space you have well as you will only be in there for just a while.

Wait your turn: Others will want to squeeze themselves in an already filled elevator instead of waiting for an empty one. Some elevators can accommodate 8 people, others more. If you notice that the elevator is filled up, don’t force your way in.  Wait your turn, another one will come.

Give people their space: As for some people, they stand inside the elevators as if they are alone, not considering others and creating room for more people. There is nothing more annoying than having someone stand six inches from you in an un-crowded elevator. If the elevator is crowded, give as much space as you can without crowding others or yourself.

Placing a call:  In some elevators, you cannot receive or place a call. But, please if you can, and must place or receive a call in an elevator, kindly bring down your voice. Don’t shout on top of your voice while in the elevator; there are people around you and you should respect them.

Hold your laptop bags: Carrying laptop bags to work seems to be very prominent among workers on the Island. But one frequent mistake these workers make is carrying these bags into elevators still strapped to their backs. It occupies space and inconveniences other people. Before entering the elevator, please remove the bag and hold it in your hands. It makes more sense, right? So when next you find yourself in an elevator, I am sure you know how to conduct yourself. Thank you