The last word on media training….

The last two areas I would like to focus on within media training are message development and role playing.

Without identifying and articulating your messages you cannot communicate effectively. Without sharing your messages with your staff, they cannot understand the value of your brand.  As part of media training you will be taught how to identify the messages that truly capture your essence and how to develop those messages such that they work for you.

Role playing is the most fun part of media training and where people really get to know how they would do in an interview situation.  Believe me I have been in several interview situations myself and I can assure you that it is easy to a) lose your train of thought and b) completely mess up a response to what seemed like a simple question.  Only those who have been interviewing for years are capable of getting themselves out of tight spots.  People like Bill Gates and Richard Branson are known for being quite shy about interviews.  On the other hand you have a Larry Ellison who loves the limelight.

Role playing would involve you being asked a series of questions using various tactics.  You could get the soft, warm and fuzzy interview – much like one finds in Hello! magazine where they practically ask rhetorical questions or gush so much that you wonder who is paying who, or you could end up with hard core tough no holds barred interview where you are put in the hot seat.

Either way it is a good way for you to see how you cope.


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