By Alima Atta

So another year has come and gone and we are going to spend the next two weeks overeating, overspending and generally overindulging.  January will come and we will complain about being broke and being overweight.  Yet we will do it again come December 2013.  Talk about not learning from experience!  Christmas is the ONLY time we have permission for excessive behavior – well, self-given permission. It’s funny because excessive behavior has become a tradition in itself and as we get older we look forward to this more than we remember the reason for the season.  It’s a time for a lot of us to catch up on sleep, to actually be around family and to catch up with friends, because life these days is permanently on a fast track.

This is all good but it should also be a time for reflection… Reflecting for me is very important.  Reflecting on business, reflecting on the person I was this year and thinking ahead to where I want to be next year.  I certainly do not want another year to go by and think that I haven’t progressed!

If you are someone that relies on lists to get by then do write things down.  If you like to clean or cook and think then get cleaning! If you are someone who can reflect by the pool or on the beach then get tanning but make sure you clear your head and focus.  Knowing where you came from is the only way you will know where you are headed and where you are headed must be better than where you came from!

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!  See you in January!