By Betty Abang

Now it’s that time of the year; lots of relaxation, so much to eat and drink, reunions, love in the air, and people generally having fun. For some businesses, the festive season is usually the peak period of activities; while for some, there is a relative lull. Whatever category your business falls into, it is important to maintain your active positioning in the minds of your audience.

The festive period provides an opportunity to engage with audiences on a more personal level. By identifying with the prevalent feelings of warmth and love, companies can secure long term loyalty from audiences.

A number of activities can ensure constant engagement with audiences. This is not one of those marketing strategies to drive sales; rather it is a humane effort to connect with the inner emotions of your audience. This is the time to send thank you notes to each of your publics or givebranded gifts. This will not only excite consumers but will also go a long way in establishing brand recall. This is especially so when the gifts are useful and practical.

You can also throw memorable events which will leave an indelible mark in your audiences’ minds.   Your company could organize a signature event or partner with other agencies to do this but these events should have some relevance to the company’s values, mission and offerings; as well as satisfy audience’s expectations. This way, good feelings will exist for both the company and its customers.

The festive period is a time for shared feelings of love and warmth. So companies should cash in on this so go ahead and leave that lasting mark that your company can ride on in the New Year.