If you’re a client that has worked with a PR agency before, then you probably raised a brow at the topic ‘Helping your PR agency with their work.’ Well, you really shouldn’t worry and here is why: Your PR agency is your partner-in-progress. Though the partner model is yet to be fully embraced in our part of the world, experience has shown that it is the best approach to an effective Client-Agency relationship. This is because with the partner model, there is a synergy of purpose and efforts which can lead to increased Return on Investment.

Having said that, to help your PR agency help you, here are some useful tips:

  • Share information freely and promptly
    • From forecasts, marketing plans to potential crisis and everything in between, share with your agency. This will help your agency stay in the loop and keep you well advised at all times
    • Have an updated picture gallery of all your key spokesperson(s) with designation(s); this will help when journalists make any request for this
    • Provide a ready copy of your comments or position on issues affecting your industry
    • Give prompt responses to enquiries and requests
      • Unnecessary delays and/or cumbersome approval processes could give room for misrepresentations to thrive especially in deadline-driven situations
      • Listen, listen, listen! Yes, we know you know your business, but you hired a competent agency or didn’t you?

Fellow PR pros, I hope this expresses your thoughts; if not, please feel free to add your own tips in the comments section.