Entrepreneurs have a language of their own.

In an effort to be help us understand what exactly those men and women are saying, Udemy and Column Five Media created “The Founder’s Dictionary,” an infographic that defines 35 buzzwords.

We spend a lot of time and space on PR Daily griping about jargon and which words should be banned.

But, if you’re the PR counsel for an entrepreneur, you should probably know what the heck your boss is talking about (unless you tune them out) so you
can translate their words into plain English for the rest of us.

For instance, did you know the real meaning behind the following?

One’s ability, or lack thereof to do anything.

Hyperlocal: A person who, while verbally bashing a product in public, is overheard by the founder of the company that created said product.

Thought leadership:
When a founder, while training his or her employees, uses Lindsay Lohan as an example of what not to do.

Take a look and let us know in the comments below if you think these really are, or perhaps should be, the real definitions of these words.

(View a larger image.)

Roula Amire is managing editor of Ragan.com.

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