It seems today that so many young professionals are looking for the quick buck or the quickest path to make it.  It appears as though the message our elders left for us on customer care has faded from our interest.  In a world where most people are concerned with number one, it is easy to see that those who put their customer base first, will surely excel in the long term.

With specific regard to real estate, I wanted to leave 10 tips on ethics and how to take care of your client …

1. The infrequent phone call to thank the client for working with you can not be overstated.

2. Take the time to write a card or send a small housewarming gift to your buyer a month after closing and wish them well in their new home.

3. Always wish everyone you have worked with a happy holiday season; an in person trip to their door to present a holiday card can go a long way.  It doesn’t just show that you remember them, it shows that you actually care.

4. Make sure that the aforementioned card isn’t about new business!  The business will come on its own by showing that you actually care.

5. Go out of your way to ensure that your client knows that you are representing their best interest by sitting in on inspections and providing prompt follow ups.

6. Always show your client that you are not wearing a sales hat by saying that they are in the drivers seat and you are the navigation system helping them get to their desired destination.

7. Don’t bombard past clients with excessive follow-ups; if you take care of the customer, they will remember you.

8. Always act in the way that you would like to be treated during a transaction.  It’s the golden rule.

9. Use your center of influence (friends, family, coworkers, classmates) to let people know that you are in the business and get referrals.

10. Be a professional and get enthusiastic about being a real estate professional.  People choose the people they want to be around based on how positive and fun they are to be in the company of.  People choose to work with people they like!

If you put these 10 tips to practice, rest assured that you are a true ethical professional.  You pride yourself on quality work and due care to the customer.  The old saying, “take care of the customer, and the customer takes care of you” is an ageless custom.

Always put others before yourself and know that you can never out-give another human being.  People have an innate desire to see the best in people, offer your best effort and bring your enthusiastic attitude to the table in any transaction.  Always see the best in others and offer the best in your own attitude.  Life isn’t about the number next to your name, it’s about the people and experiences that make a life well lived.  Live your vision.

Source: [Social Media Today]