iStock 000007773017XSmall 300x198 Social Media Buzz: The False Perception of Social Business Success

1.  Acknowledge  you are addicted to the social buzz and need to get a grip.

2. Accept that it is alright to slow down to speed up. Slowing down will bring you better results even in the short term versus continuing on the same random RAM path you are on.

3. Social media plugs into your business. Your business does not plug into social media. Do not try to fit your business into Facebook. Fit Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest into your business, not the other way around.

4. Take inventory of all available data and metrics. What tools do you have access to? What data and reports can you access? Track these in a spreadsheet with specific summary of the data and source. Do a quick analysis and summary of key metrics. What have you learned to date? Where do you need to improve?

5. Get focused on business goals and objectives. If  you have a plan, get it out. If you need to write one, then write one. Do not pass go or move to step #6 without this step. Take the time to ensure all stakeholders and key team members are trained on the plan and can recite the top goals and objectives in their sleep!

6. Know your audience. You MUST have a clear understanding of who you want to inspire and connect with. Download and use this worksheet I created to help you succinctly summarize the audiences and objectives for each. We utilize the Forrester Research POST methodology.  The worksheet is based upon such.

7. What objectives do you have for each audience? What objectives does each audience have for themselves?

8. Prioritize your top 3 audiences. Remember you can’t be everything to everyone. Your goal is to be something to somebody not nothing to everyone. Social media is about connecting with real people. It’s about real conversation based upon relevant content. Trust me, you can’t create enough content in the next three months to connect with all the audiences you currently have in your head. I know your type and am not afraid to tell you to sit down & start prioritizing! Use this worksheet as a guide to help you identify and prioritize your audiences. icon wink Social Media Buzz: The False Perception of Social Business Success

9. Do a sanity check on your business plan, goals, and objectives. Does the data you have thus far support your business objectives? Were your assumptions made on audiences backed up by the engagement data you have thus far? Leverage your existing data the best you can to learn and optimize.

iStock 000016882557Small 300x300 Social Media Buzz: The False Perception of Social Business Success 10. Get real with your engagement metrics. Who are you talking to on the social networks? Are you spending more time talking to yourself and your partners who are already in your circle of friends? Or are you also engaging your real clients, prospects, key influencers and others who will actually help you meet business goals and objectives?


11. Get real with your conversion funnel. Do you have a conversion funnel? Do you know what action you want your community, readers, audience to take? Should they opt-in to your email list? Do you want them to watch a video, subscribe to a video. You must get very specific here. If you have gaps you MUST slow down to speed up. Get your email service up and running. Setup the email templates as you have planned to do the past year. Set goals and objectives, metrics and a measurement system.

12. Get real with your team skill set and available resources. If your team doesn’t have the necessary skills to enable success then you must either train them or figure out how you are going to obtain the necessary skills. This may include terminating employees or re-assigning them to different roles. Without the right people to do the planning, integration, execution and measurement you will continue to struggle.

13. Implement necessary changes immediately if possible.  For example if your online covnersations are falling unequally away from the top three priority audiences you identified then you need to do a reset immediately. You don’t have to stop talking to the inner circle. You simply need to mix up the conversation so it is more balanced toward the audiences you have identified as a priority to help you meet business goals and objectives.

14. Identify what you want to measure then figure out how to measure it. Don’t waste your time researching social measurement tools until you know specifically what you want to measure.

iStock 000014041149Small1 300x239 Social Media Buzz: The False Perception of Social Business Success 15.  Ask the WHY questions.  Check out this blog post for some guidance. Why should your audience listen to you? Why should they share your post? Why should they care about a word you have to say. If you don’t answer this question, it’s honestly all for nothin’!

16. Remove the RAMs from the list. If you are addicted to Random Acts of Marketing then it is time you stop. Remove anything from your “to do” list that is not in budget, aligned with your plan or have supporting goals, objectives and plan for measurement of results.

17. Develop a revised social media plan. I do not have time in this blog post to write a plan. However, you must find the time to do such. If you have no idea how to do this then get help.

18. Get started on Plan B. If you have made it this far, congratulations! This is the plan that will succeed if you do it right. Integrate it with your business, focus more on your audience, their objectives and align them with your business goals. Don’t just focus on the tools and technology.

19. Get the help needed.  Hire an agency or consultant who can help you. Make sure they have the know how to not only analyze what you have done to date but also help you build a plan to help you optimize and improve with a goal of further integration of social media into your business.

20. Enjoy the ride. Social media business integration does not happen overnight. You might as well suit up, strap in and get ready for a fun ride. It’s all how you look at it. The tweet glass is either half full or half empty. I choose half full. How about you?

Source:  [Social Media Today]