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5 easy Steps to Building Relationship with the Media

Journalists are vital in the practice of public relations. PR Practitioners can do little or sometimes nothing without them, thus the need to build a strong relationship.  I was fortunate to discuss intensively with a Journalist and he gave me these hints on how to build better relationship with them;

  1. Build relationship before pitching; It is advisable to call Journalists and familiarize with them before pitching a story or inviting them to an event. Properly introduce yourself to them and this will make your work easy and enable them use your story with ease.
  2. Treat journalists with respect: Never talk disrespectfully to Journalists irrespective of the situation. Handle them with caution and respect ,the respect will be reciprocated and enable them use your material whenever available
  3. Invite reporters out for Lunch, and ask a lot of questions about them: Asides the official discussion or sending Journalists stories for usage, try to invite them out for functions or lunch and discuss other issues not related to work. This will build a lasting memory on anyone.
  4. Leave a comment at the end of the online version of a story a reporter did, which you genuinely liked: Try to comment on any of their stories published online and let them know your genuine opinion and interest in their work.
  5. Congratulate them on their birthdays/Anniversaries: If you have access to their birthday celebrations and anniversaries try to felicitate with them, this will go a long way in building a lasting relationship with Journalists and also check up on them regularly irrespective of work or not.

Name: Damilola Sobajo
Career: Public relations


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