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How PR & Advertising Leverage on Prominence for Brand Promotion

With the rise in social media acceptance, PR and advertising experts are fast emulating various strategies to promote their client’s brand. They leverage on trending subjects and controversial issues.

In the illustration above, OLX focused on Linda’s status to create the promotional material. Lindaikeji , a popular and prominent blogger rated number one in Nigeria according to recently purchased a Range Rover SUV worth N24 million         ($145, 455). This got the attention of everyone and tongues wagging. They saw the buzz it generated and promoted their online platform where buying and selling of old and new goods take place.

The prominent Blogger who already had two cars in her stead before purchasing the SUV was caricatured to sell her old cars on OLX. This got everyone’s attention and more visibility for OLX.

Name: Damilola Sobajo

Interest: Public Relations


MARKET RESEARCH: In today’s world where social media allows news to travel round the world in a matter of seconds, it is important that companies deliver on their promise, be aware of how consumers respond to them; and can give their target audiences what they want.

SPR’s Market Research Department offers bespoke services to clients including media monitoring which provides independent & unbiased information on how the company is being perceived by the media & public at large, business intelligence that focuses on competitor & related industry analysis, trend analysis, Gap analysis, product segmentation which can give your organization a better understanding of your audiences and the markets.

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